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Impacts of event cancellations, and how you can be better prepared

Around the world, festivals, sporting events, conferences, and community celebrations have been cancelled or postponed due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19. Event organisers have had to make difficult decisions about how to proceed, and visitors question whether it is safe for them to go.

With the festive season looming, many will be asking the question of whether events will still go ahead in the summer months.

Following the announcement earlier this week that the State Government is extending Phase 4 restrictions for two more months, it seems unlikely that many of the events we commonly see around Christmas time will happen this year.

Can we run COVID-safe events?

Event organisers are working within limited guidelines when it comes to COVID-safe event policies, and often it is a ‘case-by-case’ situation that determines whether an event is can run.

A COVID-safe event policy generally overs guidelines including how the event will manage physical distancing, contact tracing, and hygiene. This means that for many community events that are held during the Festive season, the first two items are difficult to manage.

And it’s not just free community events that are affected. The Perth Royal Show was cancelled earlier this year due to the fact organisers are unable to contact trace – while the event is ticketed, contact details are not collected. Physical distancing and hygiene is also an issue as rides see people in close together, and many touch-points at the event make it difficult to maintain required cleaning. As such, under the current government guidelines, this event was unable to run as a COVID-safe event.

What will happen to Festive events such as the Channel 7 Christmas pageant?

At this stage, the Channel 7 RAC Christmas pageant is scheduled to run on December 5. Organisers have not released participation details for the event as yet, which leads some people to question whether the event will run. The event is huge for businesses in the City of Perth and many are likely to be wondering what the impact will be if it does not go ahead.

Whether Christmas events go ahead in local areas will be determined by individual councils. Businesses however do need to prepare for the impact of event cancellations or reduced attendance than they have seen in previous years.

If Christmas events do not go ahead, how will this impact your business? And how can you prepare yourself and your business for cancellations of events?

It’s never been more important to be aware of what is happening in the world around us, and this begins by keeping up to date with what is happening in the media.

The topic of Covid-19 and the impact on our day-to-day lives is ever-changing, and with so much media coverage of this topic, it is easy to miss important information. Media Monitoring means you can keep on top of updates and information that is relevant to your business, and then be able to make appropriate adjustments to your business to deal with changing times.

Media monitoring is as simple as having a reputable company working with you to deliver updates direct to your inbox, and includes targeted media monitoring across all platforms - social, online, broadcast, and press.

To find out more about how your business can benefit from a media monitoring service, contact My Media.

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