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What’s in the news and how does it affect you?

Western Australia is standing firm on its right to keep state borders closed; but the people of Australia might be starting to change their opinions on whether they still support this.

There’s those who stand with the WA Premier and say keep the borders closed indefinitely to keep us all safe. Then there are those who have had enough, who have watched the progress of the pandemic and feel it’s safe now to start getting back to normal.

Everybody has an opinion, and it’s hard not to when this topic headlines every major news bulletin each and every day.

It’s a hot topic, it’s an interesting topic and its one that affects us all. It’s highly debatable, it has the power to turn friends against each other as opinions are shared and argued over. And the media plays the biggest role in it all.

Statistics have shown that for the period of time 24th August to 24th September, the key words “WA’s hard border” or “WA border” was mentioned in metro and regional television and radio 1169 times; and in metro and regional printed press within 73 articles.

When you take into consideration to viewers, listeners and readers of these media – that’s a lot of people being influenced by news of this particular topic!

Now consider if the topic was something that affected your brand or your business directly. It doesn’t take much for a news item to go viral in these times, and for issues to easily be blown out of proportion.

With such influence in people’s lives, it really does show how important it can be to monitor the media.

Why do I need to monitor the media?

Information is power. Staying informed on topics that are being discussed in the media, and the way they are being discussed, can give you a strong advantage over your competitors.

Media Monitoring is critical to many businesses. It is used by organisations including government departments and politicians; well-known people and major brands.

Monitoring the media for items that you deem relevant allows you to understand and track what is being said not just about you or your brand, but about issues that could be relevant to you.

Media monitoring gives you the advantage of being able to respond and react; or to proactively push your own message to avoid a bigger issue.

Using a media monitoring company

Monitoring the media means listening to who’s saying what about your brand, your competitors, your industry, and any other topic that’s important to you and your operations.

And unless you have a staff member employed to monitor the media, this is a task that is better left to the professionals.

Media Monitoring companies are dedicated to the task, and have the resources available to them to provide you with accurate news and media alerts direct to your inbox, with then enables you to make decisions quickly, and be confident you are across the whole issue.

Interested in harnessing the power of the media for your benefit? Give MyMedia a call today.

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