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Working Coffee

Media Monitoring

Quality Content with human oversight

Through a combination of purpose built software to aggregate the content and highly trained staff who checks every piece of content before it leaves our doors, we deliver only relevant content that is unmatched by any automated process alone.

Breaking news alerts

Local Perth based account management

A dedicated, local content editor will approve your content daily with the benefit of being able to identify unfolding news issues through interpretation rather than relying on automation of keyword search terms alone.

User friendly portal

Customise your experience

From customised email notifications to analysis and report building, NEWSROOM makes your owned and earned content easy to share and organise. Ongoing local customer support and training ensures users get the most from the software.

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Social Inbox & Post Scheduler

Snapshot social management

Use our social media management platform to schedule your social posts in your social calendar. Manage your social inbox and reply directly to engagements on your channels. Build insightful analysis reports on the performance of your socials.